We absolutely can’t let a leap year pass by without mentioning leap year proposals – a cute tradition, perhaps a little outdated now the patriarchy is beginning to crumble (who’s with me?!), but still makes for a fun blog post!

If you haven’t a clue what I’m on about, a leap year was traditionally the one day of the year when women could propose. Of course, 1) I’m not sure where that leaves queer couples and 2) it’s not the 1800s any more so ANYONE can propose at ANY TIME!

Back in December I was lucky to be given a preview copy of Celebrated, by a wedding photographer I’ve been following on instagram for a couple of years. Ross Willsher is a thoughtful, empathetic and talented author and wedding photographer based in Essex. He’s also a bloody lovely human being and a brilliant writer.

wedding planning book inclusive by Ross Willsher Photography

Celebrated is the wedding book I wish every couple could read. It’s not a checklist, it doesn’t give overwhelming lists of things to do and buy. It’s the opposite.

Weddings are a celebration, and one thing you can always expect from a celebration is the presence of alcohol. In all the excitement of a wedding day it can be difficult to say no to drinking – but there are ways to overcome this.

Be firm in your beliefs

When you are planning a wedding, couples often feel overwhelmed and stressed with everything they have to do. You’re not alone. You might think that one drink will calm your nerves, but if you are struggling with alcohol, this is a bad idea.

Every new year, without fail, the wedding media goes crazy about wedding trends. In 2024 the UK’s top wedding planner Mark Niemierko won the entire trends conversation with an instagram story that said “2024 wedding trends: whatever the fuck my couples want“. And you know what? That’s the vibe weddings need! Following trends is fine… but a wedding that honestly reflects you is worth its weight in gold and diamonds.

I had a lovely chat with Mark towards the end of 2023. We talked about wedding trends and what weddings might look like in 2024. Mark turned the whole trend thing beautifully on its head with a new perspective: that wedding style is more important than any trend.

According to recent data, the main cause of bad sleep for many Brits is stress and anxiety. And with the run-up to your wedding causing these feelings to surface, it is no wonder you might be struggling to get some much-needed dozing before your “I do’s”.

Paul Muersan at Lake District Country Hotels, says: “A wedding day requires a lot of energy. So, ensuring you get enough sleep the night before is crucial, but easier said than done. When you want nothing more than to see your partner, finding comfort in your new sleeping arrangement for the night is necessary.”