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Wedding planning can be a dream in some cases, and in other cases, a nightmare. The latter can be especially the case for couples who are so overwhelmed with wedding ideas, they can’t make up their minds on how to execute their perfect wedding.

However, if an outdoor wedding is in the books for you, you have come to the right place. In fact, have you given much thought to marquees? Whether your answer to that is yes or no, this blog post will inform you on everything you need to know about choosing the right marquee for your outdoor wedding.

Being creative with your wedding budget can reduce wedding stress. It’s not about looking for bargains, but more about planning and styling a thrifty wedding! Thinking the way our grandparents might have done about a wedding can be a breath of fresh air.

We want to help grooms and brides to manage their expectations along with their expenses.

Don’t despair – this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on elegance and style. There are several tricks and steps you can take to plan a sustainable, unforgettable wedding without breaking the bank.

Real brides’ bouquets from our archives to inspire your day! There’s loads more wedding flower ideas on our Pinterest…

The loveliest spring wedding flowers

Peonies flower from late April / early May into June in the UK. The fact that our peony season is so short makes these blooms all the more special!

There’s too much advice about wedding planning online: we cut through the fluff and AI-generated nonsense, and share our favourites with you right here on English Wedding!

We’ve shared 300 wedding planning advice blogs in the last couple of years alone. Here are our best bits! (Tap the titles to read more)

1. It’s never all about the bride!

Whether or not there’s a bride at your wedding, couples should be equal partners in everything: your wedding planning journey shouldn’t be made alone. Parts of the wedding industry exclude couples which don’t fit the bride + groom model. We think that’s wrong and we’ll be happy to see it change!

Finding the perfect wedding ring is an exciting and sentimental journey that marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment. Jacqueline & Edward are dedicated to helping you make an informed and meaningful choice. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible so we have put together a comprehensive guide to buying an ethical wedding ring.