Samantha Gilchrist, the owner of The Gilchrist Collection, has had the pleasure of working with thousands of nearlyweds, across 12 venues including Crowcombe Court and The Ravenswood, making her the expert when it comes to wedding planning:

“Planning a wedding should be an enjoyable experience and of course the happy couple shouldnt feel stressed, but if you are planning on tying the knot in 2025 (or even 2026), here is a checklist to help you get those wedding wheels turning. You should aim to have these steps nailed down nice and early, because the end of the aisle is not so far away!”

We love to hear about meaningful wedding trends. Something more than favours and fripperies, but trends and ideas for a really special and memorable day. Luxury wedding photographer Jordan Fox shares her inspiration for summer 2024 wedding trends which will bring joy to your day!

1. A relaxed and heartfelt wedding ceremony.

Celebrants have recently emerged as a valuable option for couples who prefer a personalised approach rather than a traditional church wedding.

“your celebrant will provide a bespoke ceremony that hits differently than your typical Vicar of Dibley vibe.” ~ Jordan Fox Photography

Weekend weddings are here to stay, as lots of couples plan a celebration to last for more than just one day. We’re here for it, and we have some great tips to share with you – courtesy of top UK destination wedding planner Elegante by Michelle J.

Wedding welcome bags are a lovely treat for guests, especially for weekend weddings. If your guests have travelled a long way and are staying overnight, it’s an especially thoughtful touch to provide a little welcome bag.

When we feature real couples’ weddings on our blog, we don’t ask if they had a magician. It’s a rare choice – but it’s absolute genius. Those couples who fill out our interview and who did hire a magician always, always point them out as one of the very best decisions they made. And that’s thanks to a new breed of exceptional entertainers, including our lovely friend Close-Up Chris. Wedding magicians have levelled up – big time. We’ve got 10 brilliant reasons to hire a magician for your wedding, inspired by Chris’s blog ‘Reasons to hire a wedding magician‘.

A guest blog by Carla Thomas Photography

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing the unique beauty of multicultural weddings. They aren’t just about two people tying the knot; they’re a vibrant celebration of diverse cultures, rich traditions, and unique personal stories. They offer a wonderful opportunity to honour both who you are and where you come from.