How To Navigate A Wedding If You or Your Guests Are Teetotal

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Weddings are a celebration, and one thing you can always expect from a celebration is the presence of alcohol. In all the excitement of a wedding day it can be difficult to say no to drinking – but there are ways to overcome this.

Be firm in your beliefs

When you are planning a wedding, couples often feel overwhelmed and stressed with everything they have to do. You’re not alone. You might think that one drink will calm your nerves, but if you are struggling with alcohol, this is a bad idea.

It is important to remember why you are not drinking and sometimes being honest will help those around you understand why.  If you don’t want to tell people the reason you aren’t drinking you’re opening yourself to peer pressure, which is why you must be firm when you say “NO”. Set boundaries, and make sure that these boundaries are kept.

How to stay booze-free

Many weddings are now going alcohol-free, and you can have one too. It’s your wedding after all, and you make the rules.

If you don’t mind there being booze at the wedding, have a cash bar at the wedding for those who want to drink.

You can also limit the alcohol at the wedding to just for the celebratory toast during the reception. There is also sparkling fruit juice that can be used for this moment, instead of champagne.

For those who are attending a wedding with alcohol, keep like-minded people close to you or have a sober buddy who is also abstaining to be with you during the ceremony. Spend time chatting with people you know are designated drivers, or other friends who aren’t drinking.

Divert the attention away from alcohol

When planning your wedding, you can make a note of it being alcohol-free on the invitation, so guests can expect it to be a dry wedding. You can still make your ceremony a memorable one by diverting the attention away from there being no alcohol.

• Instead of a regular bar, have a mocktail bar or a dessert station instead.

• Focus more on the quality of the food and options of food that you are providing to your guests.

• If you are a guest at a wedding, you can avoid drinking by opting for the alcohol-free alternatives that are available.

• You should order your own drinks so that others don’t accidentally order an alcoholic drink for you.

• At the wedding, take part in other fun activities like enjoying the food, dancing, socializing, and meeting new people. This will take your mind off the temptation to drink.

What happens if you relapse or break your streak

When you are going to a social event with lots of booze around, it can be hard to say no. As long as you make sure to surround yourself with like-minded people and stick to your boundaries then you won’t have any issues. If you slip up, there is help available to get you back on track. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to forgive yourself for having that drink.

If you are dealing with excessive alcohol consumption in your life, there are people who can help. This article was written for Rehab Guide, who provide comprehensive treatment for all kinds of addictions including alcohol addiction.

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