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Wedding magician Close-Up Chris performs for a group of astonished guests at a barn wedding

When we feature real couples’ weddings on our blog, we don’t ask if they had a magician. It’s a rare choice – but it’s absolute genius. Those couples who fill out our interview and who did hire a magician always, always point them out as one of the very best decisions they made. And that’s thanks to a new breed of exceptional entertainers, including our lovely friend Close-Up Chris. Wedding magicians have levelled up – big time. We’ve got 10 brilliant reasons to hire a magician for your wedding, inspired by Chris’s blog ‘Reasons to hire a wedding magician‘.

1. A good magician brings groups together

Without a magician, your wedding guests will stand around in groups with a handful of social butterflies flitting between family and friends. But it’s the dream to have everyone at your wedding chatting and laughing together… and a magician is where that starts. Picture the scene: your mates from work are huddled around the canapés, while auntie Jane and the family are chatting by the cocktail station – it’s all a bit subdued. A magician will easily bring both groups together, and have them laughing in no time!

A bride and her bridesmaids laugh as they're astonished by UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris

2. The best ice breaker

Even if you’re away having your photos taken, a magician will make sure the ambience begins early. While entertainment like garden games might appeal to some of your guests, they can actually separate groups. But a magician will bring people together, looking after your guests who will be in very capable hands! As he steps away to entertain another group, the crowd that’s gathered around him will have something to keep talking about!

“Imagine the whirlwind of laughter, chatter, and good times as I steal thoughts, wallets and watches to get the fun started.” ~  top wedding magician Close-Up Chris

3. Photo opportunities – Photographers. Love. Magicians.

This is fabulous: “The true magic of any wedding (no pun intended) is those candid, unplanned moments that have your photographer clicking faster than a teenager texting their crush.”

And it’s absolutely true. I’ve heard wedding photographers say time and again that the last photos they want are the ones where guests have spotted the camera and stiffened into their ‘photo face’. Those belly laughs and eyes wide open, surprise and delight are what brings characters to the fore. That’s a dream for every wedding photographer: off guard, having fun, joyful moments and connection!

4. The lull buster

A great magician is there to fill any potential gaps before they happen. Every wedding day will have quiet bits – the vibe can’t run at 100 miles an hour all day long! And while the two of you might need some quiet time to breathe and relieve the pressure, or to feed your baby, or give some time to your little ones… your magician is there for your guests. Lulls are necessary: they’ll keep you sane. Meanwhile, a great wedding magician will mingle with guests, take hungry uncles’ minds off their tummies and make sure no one look at their watch (except if they need to check it’s still on their wrist!)

“It’s crucial to have some emergency “entertainment parachutes” ready to deploy during the lulls. In my experience, the most monotonous part of a wedding is right after the wedding breakfast… Pump in some fun that’ll invigorate your guests, shaking them out of their food stupor and gearing them up for an evening of revelry.”

5. X-Factor – unforgettable memories of an epic day (to outshine any other, if that’s your goal!)

Do you remember the weddings you went to last year? What was the best bit? (I’m guessing it was the food… and nine times out of ten, it’s the evening food. Am I right?) Or you might remember a stand-out wedding you went to – and that will be down to the entertainment.

If you want your wedding to be THE one your guests remember, you might be looking for something “more dazzling, more thrilling, more momentous – and I’ve got just the ticket. Close-up magic is like a secret weapon for weddings… There will be stories told long after the last slice of cake has been devoured, about how the magician invaded Zoey’s mind, how the magician made off with the groom’s watch, and so forth.”

Astonished bride, groom and wedding guest watching UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris performing a card trick

6. Just the most awesome FUN!

A great magician at a wedding means guests will be laughing so hard their cheeks ache – and they’ll be laughing toegther. “Bringing in a top-notch wedding magician (or any other form of live entertainment, for that matter) is like performing CPR on your party. It injects a much-needed jolt of fun into the proceedings.”

Other entertainment will have guests smiling or tapping their feet, but only a magician can look after everyone and have the air ringing with laughter!

“While the chocolate fountain might offer a saccharine delight and the DJ can crank up the decibels till the cows come home, close-up magic is the real game-changer here.” I can almost hear the joy…

7. Versatile and there for you too!

“Procuring the services of a top-tier wedding magician is like getting an insurance policy against any wedding day hiccups:
The caterer’s timing on the roast beef has gone awry? Not an issue. Position the magician in front of your famished guests for an impromptu performance that will distract them from the delayed dinner.
The groom is a jittery mess before his speech? No worries. Let the close-up magician work his charm and provide some light-hearted entertainment to lift his spirits.
One side of the family glued to ‘their spot’ in the corner? Don’t stress, your trusty entertainer will draw them out of their shell, diffusing any awkward tension.” – Close-Up Chris

Experience and empathy will really tell, and this is where it’s super important to hire a magician who is familiar with your style of wedding (e.g. in a formal setting, or a festival style wedding, or a mix of cultures) and the running order of the day!

Wedding magician Close-Up Chris performs for a group of astonished guests at a barn wedding

8. It’s not down to the two of you to keep everyone happy all day long!

At some point in your wedding day, you’ll need to breathe… and ideally, you’ll be relaxed and enjoying the entire day! That doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be a whirlwind…

“You’ll be whizzing around like a pinball on steroids, and the last thing you need is to worry about guests nodding off during what should be the bash of the decade… Just wind me up and let me loose – I’ll keep your guests so riveted they won’t even notice you’ve snuck off to snap some pics”

9. Worth every penny and a thousand times more!

“It’s a strange paradox that we wedding magicians often find ourselves at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to wedding planning/wedding entertainment. But let me tell you, the seismic shift we can trigger at your reception is nothing short of extraordinary.”

10. A focal point – the ‘Close-Up Corner’.

After your wedding meal and speeches, there’s a gap in most weddings. We see lots of couples have an outfit change, or time to put little ones to bed, or just a breather and a chance to take it all in! Guests will be waiting to see what comes next… and many will be looking forward to evening guests’ arrival. But what you don’t want is for everyone to mark their territory (chair) at the back of the room away from the dance floor, park their bums and settle in for the night. You want them standing, walking around, and still in the mood for a party! Cue the wedding magician…

“Most receptions, especially in the evenings, suffer from a common ailment. Following the room turnaround, the first dance, and the cake cutting, guests tend to glue themselves to their seats, eyes fixated on the deserted dance floor, waiting for someone to make the first move.”

Chris’s trademark “Close-Up Corner” gives guests something to go and check out – an area to hang out and be entertained. It keeps the atmosphere light and happy, and your evening reception will kick off before people realise they were even waiting for it to begin!

To sum all of this up, a great wedding magician will create talking points and memories, and that’s what makes a wedding unforgettable.

“It’s not every day that Nanna has her watch stolen (relax, she gets it back eventually), or “one of the lads” gets completely taken to the cleaners with some slick back-and-fro’ banter from yours truly.

These unique moments are the stuff legendary weddings are made of. They cast your special day in a golden glow that lingers long after the last guest has left.”

Close-Up Chris offers all day solutions for wedding entertainment. His popular showman package is perfect for grandiose weddings, offering amusement during the drinks reception and evening, with a sprinkle of bonus extras. See why it’s become a crowd favourite at

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