Bupa for English Wedding: A mental health expert shares 5 ways to plan a stress-free wedding

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It’s been a rollercoaster week, and we hope you’re holding up ok with your wedding plans, especially those of you looking ahead to the summer months for your wedding. If you’re struggling with your mental health, you’re absolutely not alone. We’ve heard from so many couples who are having an awful time, and from suppliers whose businesses are under such incredible pressure. We hear you, and we want you to stay safe, and well, and to do your best to take care of yourselves. Once again, the folks from Bupa have been in touch to share some advice for anyone facing the overwhelm of wedding planning right now. We do hope this is useful for you.

by Caroline Harper, Mental Health Nurse Adviser at Bupa UK

Whilst planning a wedding is very exciting, it can also feel stressful at times. Especially over the last year with many restrictions in place, planning your big day may have felt more overwhelming than you were expecting.

Recognising when you’re feeling stressed and finding coping mechanisms that help you manage your feelings can help put the joy back into planning a wedding and a focus on your upcoming marriage.

Caroline Harper, Mental Health Nurse Adviser at Bupa UK shares 5 simple – but effective – ways you can manage your worries and plan a stress-free wedding.

Talk about how you’re feeling

Discussing your worries and stresses with your partner will help you to feel supported – most likely they will be experiencing the same feelings as you. Remember you are in this together.

Talking to your friends and family can also help. They may be able to offer practical advice, helping you to think about stressful situations from a different perspective.


Mindfulness is a meditative approach that can help to reduce stress through practicing the art of being present in the current moment.
When practicing mindfulness, pause and take the time to think about and name the emotion you’re feeling and accept this emotion is present, but will pass.

Reduce the time you spend on social media

With the rise of social media, comparing ourselves to others is easier than ever before. Whilst social media can provide inspiration during your wedding planning process, it’s important to try not to get too wrapped up in comparison culture and let other people’s plans dampen your own.

A wedding is a celebration of the relationship between you and your partner; therefore, each wedding will be different in its own way. Whilst planning your wedding, spend time reflecting on what is important in your relationship and try to incorporate this into your big day.

Practice relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques can help reduce stress. There are lots of different ways you can promote relaxation; what works for you may be different to what works for someone else, so it makes sense to try out a few methods.

During your wedding planning process, take the time to find out what works for you – yoga, breathing exercises and spending time outdoors are all great ways to unwind, both during wedding planning and in the future.

Take time away from wedding planning

Wedding planning and admin can be all-encompassing. However, remember to take time away from wedding planning to focus on the people you love and activities you enjoy. Whilst it’s good to focus on your wedding, it’s healthy to take time away from planning to do other things you enjoy, such as exercising and seeing friends and family.

Spending quality time with your partner before your wedding will help to strengthen your relationship before you begin married life, as well as helping to identify what is truly important in your relationship.

Similarly, making time for the activities you enjoy will help you to switch off from any wedding planning stresses, reducing any overwhelming feelings you may be experiencing, and helping to keep you fit and well.

For mental health support with Bupa’s medical insurance visit https://www.bupa.co.uk/health/health-insurance/mental-health

We appreciate that not everyone can afford medical insurance right now, and it’s important that everyone can access the help they need. You can find more mental health advice and support from other charities and organisations which are listed on Bupa’s website.


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